"Global Stakes in Ukraine" VS "Failure of the West"

La agencia Stratfor y Global Reserch son como espejos, cada uno ve lo contrario del otro en cada crisis. Dónde uno ve al oso del Imperialismo ruso, el otro ve la mano del imperio yankee. "S" elogia a los luchadores por la independecia de Ucrania, "GR" difama unos nazi-fascistas enemigos de Rusia. Pero estoy seguro que lo de Ucrania es más complejo que eso.


GR - Failure of Western Civilization
"War party bigotry and hate may be enough to drive neo-Nazis leading
Kiev in the Ukraine civil war. But the reverse blame of Putin and Russia
by corporate media and states has a deeper interest. It propels the
geostrategic economic and military war of movement through East Europe
to Russia. It is the indispensible big lie to mask their set up for
foreign financial predation. A big pay-off matrix looms in Ukraine for
US-led arms corporations and military services, agribusiness and GMO’s,
speculator funds on debts and currency, monopoly providers of privatized
social services, Big Oil frackers for newly discovered rich deposits,
junk food suppliers like Poroshenko in US-frankenfood alliance, and –
last but not least – the IMF money party waging a war of dispossession
by financial means".

S Global stakes in Ukraine
"Separatists continue to occupy buildings and shoot down Ukrainian
helicopters, imposing a heavy burden on the government in Kiev. While
separatists are spread out through towns and villages in Donestk and
Luhansk regions, the strongholds of separatist activity are the cities
of Luhansk, Donetsk and Slovyansk. Groups of militants are also present
around some parts of Luhansk region's long, largely unsecured border.
There are notable differences, however, among these clusters of
separatists. Kiev and Moscow are escalating their battle for control of eastern
Ukraine. The Ukrainian government announced June 3 that it would launch
the next stage of a campaign to win back control of the country's east
from militant separatists. At the same time, Russian-backed groups are
working to consolidate control over those same separatists as a way to
put more pressure on Kiev to compromise. Both sides believe eastern
Ukraine is critical for determining the country's future orientation and
territorial unity, and Russia will use all the leverage it can find to
pressure Kiev into accepting its conditions for a stand-down".